Jolee Island

We first discovered Jolee Island at the Sandestin Beach Resort when William was much younger. We instantly fell in love with the quiet serene environment and the multiple trails that lead to swings and play areas and to the smooth waters of Horseshoe Bayou. We’ve visited there many times through the years and for his 10th birthday, a friend and I brought William and nine of his closest friends down from Andalusia for the day.

I’ve mentioned the island to Henry and Massey and they have been excited about visiting the “Pirate Island” themselves. We try to make the most of every weekend and for own sanity, we have to get out and get active. Yesterday morning, Will suggested taking everyone to Jolee Island and then Roberto’s Pizzeria (where I had a Groupon) for lunch.

After dressing the younger boys in pirate ship and nautical themed outfits (of course!), we loaded up and drove down to Sandestin. Jolee Island is on the left, before you get to The Village of Baytowne Wharf.

After parking, you cross over a salt marsh and descend onto the island.


Henry has to be first in everything he does, so he and Daddy ran ahead of us and then had to wait for us to catch up to them.
Jolee Island is situated in Horseshoe Bayou and is adjacent to the Baytowne Marina
There are numerous trails or paths to take to explore.

You would have thought we had come up on an actual pirate ship when the boys saw this play structure.

There are swings all over the island for those who like to sit and enjoy nature. Our boys don’t allow for much sitting.

William and Massey spotted a black rabbit eating in the shadows and stopped to watch him for a bit.
This cute little playhouse is nestled in the palms along one of the paths.
This gorgeous piece of driftwood had washed up on the shore.
The boys found crabs and sea snails along the water’s edge.
Even our biggest boy enjoyed exploring and looking for natural treasures.
There is another play structure with a crow’s nest and swing by the water.
Massey loves ‘cheesing’ for the camera. Another family was there enjoying a picnic.


The boys weren’t ready to leave, but lunch was calling our names!
A rare moment of sitting AND being in front of the camera!

I recommend Jolee Island to anyone who is staying in the area and wants to have a break from the Gulf for a few hours.  Bring swimsuits, pack a lunch, slow down, and rediscover nature. Civilization is right around the corner, but sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy one another and explore!


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